About Anne

Anne has been the owner of a downtown investment property for the last four years. At the time she was working a part-time job and was able to use her free time managing her rental property. However, even after finding the perfect tenant and setting up a longterm lease, Anne was not generating enough revenue to cover her expenses. She asked around for how to increase rental earnings and was recommended to HostGenius.

Why HostGenius?

HostGenius is Vancouver’s leading flexible rental property management for homeowners. We rent homes on a flexible 12-month rental model, including mid-term rentals, corporate, relocation, and more. Through our full end-to-end management services, landlords see the ease of having all handled while seeing increases in their rental earnings.

The Plan

Anne’s apartment is in close proximity to many of our corporate travel partners. Because of this, we were able to increase her earnings by 50% for half the year using our monthly corporate rental model. With the other half the year she still saw a 15% increase from her initial rental earnings due to the furnished mid-term rental we arranged.

The unit was unfurnished, so we connected her with one of the student interior designers we partner with from local art schools. They offer complete hands-free design and set up for only $30 an hour. Her apartment was fully furnished with all the necessities and ready for photos along with listing in 14 days.

With our prior knowledge of the neighbourhood and company partners in the area, we were very confident that there would be an influx of interest in this unit. Our 24-hour guest support line and 3D walkthroughs make the unit viewable any day and time even while occupied, these features add to the convenience of all our rentals.


With the help of our interior designers, we got Anne’s property business-ready. Shortly after completion, we connected with a local private equity firm (one of our corporate clients) to arrange an employee relocation which required a 3-month tenancy. Upon their departure, we organized a deep clean to maintain and provide a comfortable space for the next rental – a local tech startup hiring new talent, looking for a corporate 3-month rental. During the winter months, we arranged a mid-term rental at an increased furnished rental rate to guarantee income during the offseason.


Anne largely increased her rental earnings hassle-free. She has since trusted us with two more properties! Want to see if your property can exceed expectations?