Yes, we will earn you more. Take a look at James’ story.

Yes, we will earn you more. Take a look at James’ story.

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About James

James has a stunning four bedroom house in Kitsilano, and wanted to rent on a short-term basis while he was away. The home was very well furnished, and had a convertible office to allow for extra space for families. He came to HostGenius, a Vancouver Airbnb Management, with a minimum of $10,000 per month needed. It was a high number, but regardless we scheduled an on boarding meeting, sat down, and made a plan. 

Why HostGenius?

HostGenius is Vancouver’s leading Airbnb management for homeowners and hosts. We use leading tech to boost revenue and occupancy. Through our full end-to-end management services, hosts see the ease of having all housekeeping, linens, supplies, and 24 hour guest communications handled. 


The Plan

The plan was to bring record breaking rental earnings to the property. We knew he needed at a minimum of $10,000, but on a short-term basis, a property of this level had the ability to see much higher. 


Our photographer spent roughly 2 hours at this property capturing the best angle, and his account manager the rest of the day building breathtaking listings over 5+ parent platforms. We set a 6-month revenue plan to earn $100,000 for this period. With our partnerships with local companies, we were able to offer exclusive value-add services to entice higher-end travellers to the property. This included private chef, maid, and private car service. 


Our team helped James break through the original goal, and see over $200,000 in rental earnings in a 12 month period. This resulted in the property being one of Vancouver’s highest earning properties, and take the number 1 spot for family homes. 

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