Why Short-Term Leasing Makes Sense for Whistler Homeowners

The mountains of Whistler are apt to capture the hearts of any who stand before them. The pristine snow blanketing their peaks entice tourists from all over the world to grab their skis or snowboards and conquer the slopes. Hiking trails litter the base of the mountains and nearby national parks, offering a fantastic alternative activity for visitors. While many people view Whistler as an extremely seasonal location for tourists, the truth is very different.

According to Whistler’s website, a slight majority of tourism actually occurs during the summer months. Nearly 55% of tourism traffic in Whistler occurs during the summer months, as opposed to only 45% during the winter months. This highlights the vast quantity of possible activities that the village offers for all kinds of people.

It is crucial to recognize that the people who desire to stay in Whistler during the warmer months are typically very different than the people who want to visit during the winter. This means that Whistler is a prime example of a seasonal vacation destination.

Seasonal vacation destinations, such as Whistler, are arguably the best places to opt for short-term rentals. With multiple peak periods, attracting different kinds of people, short-term leases provide the option to increase the nightly rates to take advantage of these extremely popular times.

These locations are also extremely good because it helps mitigate the loss of the down seasons. Typically markets have an up period and a down period for occupancy. However, by having multiple busy periods, the down period will be significantly shorter and thus have less impact on the host’s profits.

If you own property in Whistler it is definitely a great idea to consider offering short-term rentals. If you are interested in making the switch and want to learn more about how to do so, please contact one of HostGenius’ dedicated account managers.

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