Top 3 Smart-Locks for Your Airbnb


In 1920, the founder of Schlage, Walter Schlage, opened his first shop, 11 years after filing for his first patent on a lock design. The specific design Schlage created in 1909 was amazingly ahead of its time as he invented a lock that could turn on the lights when unlocking the door, and turn them off when locking it. In a certain sense, this was the first smart-lock ever engineered and stands as a fantastic legacy for a company now pushing the envelope of smart-lock technology.

One of the very useful, unique features that Schlage smart-locks offer its compatibility with Key by Amazon. This is a feature that allows for Amazon deliverers to be registered as an administrator for the lock and thereby are granted access to the property. This will prevent any theft from deliveries, which can be extremely useful for Airbnb hosts who use Amazon to restock the supplies in their properties.

Perhaps the best feature of the newer Schlage models is its flex-lock. Flex-lock literally stands for flexible locking and allows the owner to toggle between automatic and non-automatic locking. This is very useful for guests who have families or are gathering belongings from outside. The only problem with this feature is that there is no way to know if you currently have auto-lock active. There is no indicator on the lock itself, which means you have to test out whether or not it is going.

Schlage locks have outstandingly long-lasting batteries. However, in the case that the battery does unexpectedly run out, most models have the option to use a physical key.

Like most smart-lock providers, Schlage locks are accompanied by an app that allows the users to manage who can enter and access a history of those who have previously used the lock. Many reviewers have commented that the app offers a plethora of different options for them, to such an extent that it rivals the more expensive August app. The Schlage app allows users to create virtual keys, which grants other people administrative control via the Schlage app. This can be extremely useful for hosts who often travel outside of the city and need to rely on someone else to manage their Airbnb.

The app has some other very useful features for Airbnb hosts. Using the Schlage Home app, you have the option to have the lock automatically re-lock itself after a certain amount of time, ranging from 15 seconds to 4 minutes. You can also adjust sound controls for the lock, such as removing the beeping sound when pressing down keys and configure push notifications for when someone enters.

There have been some criticisms levied towards the app. The main one is that it can be very difficult to integrate with smart home technology. Nest Smart Homes, in particular, seem to consistently experience difficulty when attempting to connect.

The lock itself is fairly easy to install. If you have any experience with deadlocks then it should be an extremely simple exercise, otherwise, there are detailed instructions and tutorial videos available online.Β 

There have been a few instances where the Schlage lock is reported to make a rather unpleasant, grinding sound when being locked. One unhappy customer is quoted as saying β€œit reminds [him] of teaching his kids to drive manual.”

It appears customer service is at the forefront of Schlage’s priorities. There knowledgeable customer service centre is available by both phone and email. A very useful FAQ page also exists on their website.

This product is among the more expensive smart-locks available today. While it is guaranteed to meet the expectations a higher price tag naturally brings, there are suitable, cheaper alternatives out there.

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