Top 3 Smart-Locks for Your Airbnb


Remotelock is a decent smart-lock that is available at a very reasonable price and comes with a few useful features, although not nearly as extensive as other brands. Previously, the company was named LockState but has recently rebranded itself. The company was one of the first to begin selling smart-locks, touting its wifi-connectivity as a groundbreaking feature. Unfortunately, due to the recent explosion of popularity for smart-locks, most of these features are now commonplace. 

The company advertises itself as a perfect fit for homeowners hosting with Airbnb because you can integrate your RemoteLock account directly with your Airbnb account. In doing so, any approved bookings on Airbnb will be shared with RemoteLock, which automatically sends the guest an email with their custom code and instructions on operating the lock. There is also the ability to send the codes directly to the guest’s Airbnb account, removing the need for emails.

RemoteLock smart-locks are also great for people who own and manage multiple properties because of the aforementioned integration with Airbnb and some additional, useful securities features. RemoteLock tracks all users of the smart-lock as well as provides notifications when the bolt fails to properly engage. Moreover, the connection to wifi allows for regular updates and the ability to remotely lock and unlock the door. However, this service is not free and you are required to register with RemoteLocks to enjoy this particular benefit.

RemoteLock does have a free app that users can download, although many people have complained both about its quality and the lack of features. From the app, owners are able to track who is entering the unit and at which time they did so but all other information is only accessible via a desktop. Furthermore, the app is not compatible with all smartphones as android users are not able to download it.

The batteries in the smart-lock typically last an entire year, although it is dependent on how often you set the automated update. The updates happen in β€œheartbeat” spurts, meaning that every day the lock will briefly re-connect to the wifi to receive the new content, before disconnecting again.

The installation process for RemoteLocks is fairly straight-forward although there are sometimes issues with being provided with the correct size mounting plate. You also need to be confident in installing the electrical wiring as that is needed with RemoteLock smart-locks.

The lock itself is only suitable for indoors, which means it is best used for apartments or condominiums. A weather protector is available for $35.00, although there have been reports of it not functioning properly.

The customer service from RemoteLocks is about average. They are reachable by phone and email but are not always diligent in responding or providing useful information when they do. Their website has a basic FAQ page with video tutorials, although it is not as extensive as other companies. 

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