Top 3 Smart-Locks for Your Airbnb


The August Smart-Lock is one of the top available locks on the market due to its easy-to-use app and the simple installation process. While many other companies boast about the simplicity of installing their lock, the August Smart-Lock is undoubtedly the easiest because it requires merely 5 steps. Additionally, August is compatible with most existing interior hardware because all that is required to set it up is replacing the interior deadbolt.

There are a number of very impressive features that users of the August Smart-Locks are able to enjoy, such as the August Smart-Locks smartphone app. The August app is free to download and is a fantastic way for hosts to manage and monitor who is able to gain access to the property. 

The app is very user-friendly, consisting primarily of a list of the active locks and then a button that clearly shows whether or not the door is locked or unlocked, and closed or ajar. It also sends a notification when the batteries are beginning to run out, which is a feature that many other brands do not have.

However, there are a few drawbacks to using August, and by extension the app, for the purposes of Airbnb hosting. While a guest can enjoy simple and guaranteed access to the property once they have downloaded the free app, some countries, such as China, have banned August. This means that guests travelling from these nations must wait until arriving in North American territory before downloading the app. This causes some uncertainty for these guests as to whether they will be able to access the property, a fear exacerbated if it is a late arrival.

It also means that guests are required to own and be semi-competent operating a smartphone. While this will not hinder many bookings, when hosting with Airbnb it is always best to advertise your property as universally accessible. As a possible solution, August Smart-Locks does offer a keypad attachment for an additional $50.00.

The other major factor to consider with regards to the August App is the requirement to purchase the wifi-connector separately. The cost is normally around $50.00 and allows users to remotely control the lock. Otherwise, users are limited to control only once they are within range of the Bluetooth feature.

It also worth noting there have been some complaints regarding the August customer service. While the quality of the locks is quite high, and there are significantly fewer reports of broken pieces than other brands, if something does go wrong it can be a massive hassle to rectify the situation. Thankfully, if you are looking for a hassle-free hosting experience, Airbnb management companies such as HostGenius can handle all this for you.

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