Top 3 Smart-Locks for Your Airbnb

Smart-locks are an excellent way for hosts to conveniently control and monitor the entrance to their properties in a simple and hassle-free fashion. Without lifting so much as a finger, homeowners are able to automate all check-ins and check-outs, remotely unlock doors, and review everyone who has had access. Furthermore, it adds a level of assurances and heightened accommodation for Airbnb guests as most smart-locks vastly simplify the process of accessing the unit. 

With so many advantages for both hosts and guests alike, it is easy to see why so many people are transitioning away from their old locks and onto smart-locks. The recent surge in the popularity of smart-locks has inevitably led to a crowded market, where different companies constantly compete against each other to prove their particular product superior. This can make choosing the best brand for your situation a difficult and overwhelming endeavour. This article strives to clarify the differences between the brands and assist you in selecting the proper smart-lock.

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