100% occupancy is not always the best?

100% occupancy is not always the best?

About Alex

Alex started using HostGenius in the middle of 2019’s high season. He was going away for two and a half months and needed a trustworthy host to manage his property and reservations for the time being. Having already high occupancy during this time, Alex was looking for mostly property management services to ensure everything was kept in great shape during his trip. After making the switch to our services, our pricing experts went to work and doubled his revenue.

Why HostGenius?
HostGenius is Vancouver’s leading Airbnb management for homeowners and hosts. We use leading tech to boost revenue and occupancy. Through our full end-to-end management services, hosts see the ease of having all housekeeping, linens, supplies, and 24 hour guest communications handled.

The Plan
Alex came to us with an Airbnb listing with 30+ reviews and high occupancy. We re-priced his calendar, although there were already many back-to-back bookings, we demonstrated the changes mostly through August availability. Before his departure, we laid out a 60 day plan for how we would boost his revenue and take care of his property.

We listed the property on VRBO, Bookings.com, and TripAdvisor as well. This allowed us to substantially increase his listings visibility
Alex’s HostGenius account manager optimized his Airbnb listing to increase SEO and booking pull factors.
We substantially increased the nightly rates of the undervalued property, but also pushed the prices even higher with the professional outlook we gave the listing.

Our team maximized Alex’s rates based on his competitors, market data, and seasonality. Due to the substantial increase, Alex a prior experienced Airbnb host, now uses HostGenius all-year round he does short-term rentals.
Alex started at a nightly rate of $108 per night. We boosted that up to $224-$280 with 90% occupancy. That means that with our services, we not only pay off our commission with the price increased, but Alex will actually make more money by doing less work.

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