How a laneway home made $9,000 per month

How a laneway home made $9,000 per month

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About Andrea

Andrea rents her laneway home and lives there for 8 months for school. Every year she goes away for the summer months to visit family; however, this year she was tired of paying rent at a place she was not using. Andrea was not aware she could rent the place on Airbnb in Vancouver; however, as the laneway home is her primary residence, the City of Vancouver licensed the home for short-term rentals. She reached out to HostGenius asking for our team to take care of the property and try to break-even on the rent by doing Airbnb. 

Why HostGenius?

HostGenius is Vancouver’s leading Airbnb management for homeowners and hosts. We use leading tech to boost revenue and occupancy. Through our full end-to-end management services, hosts see the ease of having all housekeeping, linens, supplies, and 24 hour guest communications handled. 

The Plan

Andrea’s earning expectations were low, as she never assumed travellers would want to rent a laneway home in East Vancouver. Our plan was to pay off almost her entire year’s rent while she was away. 

We scheduled an on boarding meeting 2 weeks before she was leaving. Our photographer and the team spent the day taking photos and preparing her listings on multi rental platforms, from Airbnb to HomeAway to Expedia. We then set a 3 month revenue plan and got to work.


Andrea’s account manager set up her listings and optimized the pricing on a daily level. As a new listing, Airbnb and other platforms generally give you a boost to get a few bookings in. The trick was her account manager wanted the listing to remain on the front pages. We secured multiple bookings immediately, and gave the guests an above and beyond service for exceptional reviews. 


The plan worked. Her property was immediately filled up with bookings, and the guests were loving their stays. She made over $9,000 in her first month, and $22,000 over the 3. Want to see if your property can exceed expectations?

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