HostGenius’ Airbnb Property Management Launches in Seattle!

See why our Airbnb Hosting Management Services are expanding to Seattle!

Seattle’s nickname, “The Emerald City,” may conjure illusions of a bejewelled metropolis glistening in a radiant green light. Alternatively, it might usher you back to the year 1939 and the release of the era-defining film “The Wizard of Oz.” The reality, however, is that the nickname stems from the moniker for Washington, “The Evergreen State,” which is attributed to the area’s lush, green environment and trees. With all the beauty and nature, it’s no wonder that Seattle has such a nature-focused culture. The appeal of visiting this stunning place is easy to understand as the city welcomes millions of visitors every year. It is also the reason why HostGenius is launching in Seattle!

Tourists from all around the world are attracted to the many diverse attractions in Seattle. The awe-inspiring mountains and lush forests offer natural escapism that is perfect for all adventurous types. The inexperienced climber can choose to conquer Mount Si, a mountain range reaching as high as 3.150 feet above sea level. Veteran mountaineers can challenge themselves by tackling Mount Rainer, an active volcano located 2.5 hours outside of Seattle. Alternatively, you can take to the ocean by renting kayaks and paddleboards or embarking on a whale-watching tour. Seattle is home to many orcas and humpback whales, which is why most companies claim 90% of their tours result in successfully seeing the gigantic, aquatic mammals. All this nature has led to the city embracing its role in environmental conservation; Seattle is listed as one of the most environmentally progressive cities in the USA by PCMA.

Fear not if you don’t heed the call of the wild. For those wishing to stay within the hustle and bustle of the city, a plethora of amazing options exist. Seattle has famously embraced the arts, spawning generational talents such as Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam. Its jazz scene was revolutionary in the middle of the twentieth century, nurturing the early careers of future stars such as Quincey Jones and Ray Charles. The Seatle Symphony routinely plays beautiful renditions of classic songs, often adding exciting twists to contemporize the music. The theatre scene is also vibrant and popular, with over 100 different theatre companies frequently putting on classic works as well as newer, more experimental pieces.

The distinct architecture harkens back to the many important historical events that have transpired in Seattle. There is the famed Space Needle, a long, thin tower that proudly stands as a legacy of the 1962 World’s Fair. The Space Needle provides tourists with an unrivalled perspective of Seattle and even offers a restaurant so that you can enjoy a  meal while continuing to soak in the view. Many other beautifully constructed buildings help paint the impressive landscape and explain why USA Today ranked Seattle among its Top 10 Most Walkable Cities.

Seattle is a place worth seeing and many people from all over the world are beginning to take notice. Nearly 40 million people visited the Emerald City in 2018 as tourists, and for eight consecutive years, the city has seen growth in their tourism industry. As more people continue to flock into the city for short stays, there will be an increased requirement for lodging. Airbnb Hosting in Seattle is a consistently growing industry and it is easy to see why.

If you know somebody who wants to provide short-term leases in Seattle or who needs industry-leading Seattle Airbnb hosting management services, tell them to contact HostGenius. After a simple phone call with one of our dedicated account managers, you can relax—hosting’s on us.

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