What is HostGenius?

HostGenius is a vacation rental management company. Our goal is to help home owners see higher rental earnings through maximizing the potential of their home. Whether one has no experience with short-term rentals, or already a Superhost, we have the ability to help you earn more while doing less.

We list our properties on Airbnb, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, CanadaStays, and Bookings.com. This allows homeowners to increase listing exposure. Our home’s see an increase of 80-150% with our dynamic plans.


Why is HostGenius different from other managements?

HostGenius understands what hosts want, because we were made by hosts. Our team specializes in short-term rentals with the best active commission plans in Vancouver, the highest quality housekeeping team, and a local guest communication line. When your guest picks up the phone, he will be speaking to a local who knows the details about specific coffee shops, tourist attractions, transit routes, and more. Airbnb is for travellers to stay as a local, and they cannot do that if their communication team lives a continent away.

How quick can we get you live?

We can get your listing live within 48-72 hours. During this time, we walk-through the home, ensure everything is ready for guests, set up your listing, and overview our team about property specific strategies for success. 

For channels beside Airbnb, there may be a verification period of 2-4 days. 


Do I get charged a start up fee?

To put it simply – no! We don’t believe in set up fees. We are very confident your home will be a success, we will cover all the cost related charges getting your listing live. 

Do I need to sign on for a time period?

We understand some of our competitors require a few months as a minimum, but with us you can come and go whenever. The quality of our service speaks for itself, and if you sign on you’ll have no reason to leave. 

Who views my property?

Your dedicated account manager will meet you at your home to set up the listing, introduce himself in-person, and chat about a plan of success for your home.

What do I need to provide to get started?

You will need the basic items for hosting. Of course you can add extra perks which we can recommend to help improve ratings. 

  • Pillows, duvet, linens, curtains, clothes storage, and hangers
  • Kitchen items, including a toaster, kettle, microwave, bin, condiments, cutlery, plates, bowls, cups, glasses, pans and pots.
  • Hair dryer, toilet brush, bin
  • Iron, ironing board, mop and bucket, vacuum cleaner, cabinet space for towels, and guest toiletries
  • 2 spare sets of keys and 2 sets for the unit, wi-fi, heating, and hot water

Will HostGenius help me create my listing and profile if I don’t have one?

Absolutely. As Airbnb experts, we are more than happy to help create your profile and listing in the most effective way possible. This includes listing SEO, professional photography, traveller specific marketing, and more. Get in touch to hear how we can make your listing a high achieving property.

How long will it take for my listing to reach its peak performance?

HostGenius listings usually take around 3 completed bookings to ramp up. This can take anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks.

Which of my personal belongings can I leave in my home?

We always recommend that items of high monetary or sentimental value be removed from your home for safekeeping and peace of mind. However, we do encourage hosts to keep as many decorations and furnishings up as possible to make our guests feel more cozy.

Does my property need to be furnished in order to list with HostGenius?

While a furnished home does speed up the set-up process, we are happy to work with an unfurnished home. We can connect you with our design experts who will help you find beautiful furniture that suits your home, decorations proven to please guests and a way to deliver it – all at an affordable cost.

Will I get Superhost status? 

We proudly get a large portion of our homeowners Superhost status within the first review period by Airbnb. 

How do I get on Airbnb Plus?

Airbnb plus is offered to hosts on a quarterly, case-by-case, basis. Please take a look here at Airbnb’s requirements here and ask us how we can get you there.

How do the fees work?

HostGenius charges 15% plus GST on the nightly rate only. This means we do not charge our commission on the cleaning. 

I am interested in an alternative plan, can we discuss?

Reach out to our team and we can chat about a plan that works best for your home. Our number one aim is to provide you with a hassle-free experience.

What is 24/7 guest communication?

When we say 24/7, we mean it. Although your guests will be asleep at 2 in the morning here, there are many potential guests around the world inquiring at all hours. We are here to get those inquiries, boosting your average booking rate by 20% or higher. This also means we can assist with after hours check-ins, maintenance questions and emergencies.

How do you use the cleaning fee?

The cleaning fee covers more than just the cleaning. Our cleaners will show up to your home for a full turn-over, including the replenishing of guest supplies and inventory. We will purchase your inventory in bulk, store it at our warehouse, and deliver it as quick as same-day. The only fee you pay is the actual cost of the supplies.

What about inspections?

Our housekeeping team inspects your home in detail every turn-over, and your dedicated account manager does overall inspections once every 6 months.  Any damaged spotted by the housekeeping will be reported directly to your account manager, who will handle the claim and repair. 

How do you get us the best earnings?

HostGenius has more combined experience than any other team in our city. With the combination of this and our 3rd party price system, we can optimize pricing based of neighbourhood trends, similar listings, seasonal factors, prior reviews, and more.

How do I keep track of all this?

Managing bookings over multiple platforms is a lot to take on – but luckily we have a dashboard that combines all of this into one. Your account manager will also keep in touch regularly with updates on your guests, home, and overall listing success. 
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